Experienced Motorcycle Rider Attorney

    Scott has spent quite some time around motorcycles. He has been riding since an age well below the legal minimum. And he is a bit older than the legal minimum now. That adds up to a lot of riding. Currently he rides a 94 HD FLSTC and a 96 Honda Goldwing (yes, one at a time). 

    Scott is a student of motorcycle dynamics. Constantly striving to increase his knowledge base he became a Motorcycle Safety Foundation licensed motorcycle rider coach. Sometimes, you can learn more by teaching. So here's a guy who gets it. He has been there from the rider side. He has heard about it from the responsible driver side. He has a clear handle on the legal aspects. He has a pretty good base from which to understand the human factors involved in the accident ladder that leads to a motorcycle crash. 

    Like bicycles, motorcycles are more vulnerable than the other motor vehicles. We have no steel cage, no protection from the elements, we need to balance, we turn differently than a four wheeler. We can move faster than a bicycle but still the smaller size and limited conspicuity make us more vulnerable to road risks.  This increased vulnerability amplifies the the consequences of careless, negligent or indifferent action or inaction of a motor vehicle operator. And the motorcyclist therefore suffers more serious injuries.  

    The Illinois Department of Transportation [IDOT] collects and analyzes a great deal of information concerning motorcycle operations. The IDOT counts 10.4  million registered vehicles in Illinois, 7.1 of which are passenger vehicles and 240,000 of which are motorcycles. The IDOT 2007 data illustrates that things can go bad on a motorcycle. 

Courtesy Illinois Department of Transportation



    And when things do go bad, it's nice to have have an attorney on your  side who understands how it all works and who can connect the dots. 

    As a biker, Scott understands the challenges that bikers face while riding. If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash in the Chicago area or elsewhere in Illinois, or if a loved one has become incapacitated or died as a result of a motorcycle injury, you need competent, reliable, experienced representation. Call today at 312/580-3800 for a no charge  consultation.  

    The office is available to handle motorcycle involved injury cases that have arisen in Illinois. Motorcycle cases are prosecuted on a contingent fee basis. A fee is paid only upon recovery. No recovery means no fee.  

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