Experienced Commuter Bicycle Attorney

    Scott Bagnall is an avid bicyclist cyclist who frequently bicycles the 26 mile round trip to work in Chicago street traffic. As a rider and attorney he is passionate about protecting the rights of cyclists injured by negligent motorists.

    Bicycles are more vulnerable than cars, trucks, and buses. There's no steel cage, no protection from the elements, no engine power to get out of the way quickly. Due to smaller size and restricted lane positioning bicycles are not as readily seen by motor vehicle operators. This increased vulnerability amplifies the the consequences of careless, negligent or indifferent action or inaction of a motor vehicle operator. And the bicyclist's injuries are thereby magnified.  

    Accident statistics bear this out.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data show that:

Bicyclist deaths in 2007: 698 (Down from 773 in 2006)
Bicyclist injuries in traffic in 2007: 43,000 (Down from 44,000 in 2006)
Average age of a bicyclist killed on the highways: 40
Average age of a bicyclist injured on the highways: 30
Bicyclists 15 and under killed: 107. Injured: 12,000
Bicyclists 16 to 34 killed: 163. Injured 16,000
Bicyclists 35 to 54 killed: 262. Injured 10,000
Bicyclists 55 and older killed: 4,000
Bicyclists struck by cars or light trucks

    A bicyclist injured in a crash with a motor vehicle in traffic may be legally entitled to compensation for damages. Those damages include medical costs, pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement and lost wages. Sometimes, negligent non motor vehicle involved accidents are compensable, for example where a road hazard or a rollerblader or another bicyclist has caused an injury. 

    It is important that an attorney understand the dynamics of bicycle riding before attempting to  prosecute a bicycle injury case.  Attorney Scott Bagnall has owned and ridden a number of bicycles thousands of miles in city and rural settings. As a cyclist Mr.Bagnall understands the challenges other cyclists encounter while riding. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle crash in the Chicago area or elsewhere in Illinois you need competent, reliable, experienced representation. Call today at 312/580-3800 for a no charge  consultation.  


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