There are many attorneys out there. And there are many competent, skilled attorneys out there. But it seems that you gain an advantage by engaging a competent and skilled attorney who also has an insiderís perspective of the industry involved.  It helps to connect the dots. A non industry or activity involved attorney needs to play catch up from the second he or she undertakes a case. A number do quite well. Some never catch up. Others never try. A few do not even understand that they should. And a number slip through and do a good job for the client anyway.  

    Involvement and participation within a specific activity or industry affords an invaluable and unique insight and understanding of the training, duties, deficiencies, opportunities for error, misunderstandings, misperceptions, and distractions that create the accident chain that precedes an accident.

    If you or someone you love and care about has been injured in a bicycle, motorcycle, aviation or other negligence accident, it is crucial that you protect your legal rights. In order to protect those rights, you or your loved one will need a skilled accident attorney who can help you navigate the complexity of bicycle, vehicle, or aviation standards and laws, medical concerns, insurance laws and issues, negligence and liability laws and rules well as truly advocate your interests. 

    Personal injury cases are handled on a contingent fee basis so that you will not become responsible to pay a fee unless you obtain recovery for your claim. You may call the office at 312/580-3800 for a no cost consultation.