Experienced FAA Licensed Pilot Attorney

    Mr. Bagnall  holds a FAA commercial license with single, multi- engine land and instrument ratings along with basic ground instructor, advanced ground instructor and instrument ground instructor certificates and  flight instructor airplane and flight instructor instrument certificates.

    Because of the highly focused and refined aviation culture of safety and education there are not so many aviation accidents, mile for mile, as in other transportation cases. Negligent acts or omissions are more often more subtle, more seemingly benign, more easily overlooked.  This makes analysis of aviation cases that much more complex and difficult.          

    It is not so simple as to say, "well . . . the plane crashed and injury resulted so it's compensable." A negligent act or omission must be found, be at least a cause of the crash, the injuries must be caused by the crash and, as in other injury cases, all of this must be proven with competent evidence. As distinguished from other types of negligence matters, aviation cases often involve different laws, treaties, immunities and statutes of limitations. A keen knowledge of aircraft operation rules and advisories, such as found in the Federal Aviation Regulations and Airmans Information Manual comes in handy.

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